We were created with an ability to ponder, to meditate, to think about something until we learn it and it becomes a part of us. It’s how we learn about our world when we are children. Repetition produces results—positive or negative. When we are told something often enough, especially as children, we believe it. Eventually, the idea is firmly fixed in our belief system.

We were created this way because our creator wanted us to be able to receive and believe what we come to know of him. As we ponder and meditate on the truths about God, they become part of us.

Unfortunately, we have an enemy who knows this all too well. His key strategy is to plant words and thoughts into us that will produce doubt and fear, especially regarding who God is and what He thinks about us.

Worrying is merely meditation on words of death.

“Did God really say?”—Four small words that were spoken long ago, in an ancient garden by one whose sole purpose was the destruction of humanity’s relationship with God. They hit their intended target and in one moment the hearers took the words in, planting them in receptive hearts that had been created to ponder spoken words.

These words of death, once received, choked out the words of life that God had spoken.

God’s response to the words of death that were sown into humanity—was to send The Word, Himself as a seed to crowd out and displace the words of death that had been planted among us. Jesus was the Word made flesh who came and lived with us. He was and is the Eternal Logos of God. His words are Spirit and life. When we ponder and meditate on His words, the power of the enemy’s words over us will be broken.

We only think the enemy’s words are true because we have spent years, even a lifetime ruminating about them—so they have become firmly rooted in us. However, as we meditate on God’s words, regardless of how we feel emotionally or think intellectually, the weeds will be revealed as lies. As we then see the truth, we are completely transformed in how we think and feel about a matter.

The Eternal Word came as a seed that was planted—a seed that had “fallen to the ground” from Heaven to Earth, so that words of life would replace the words of death that had been spoken over us as a curse, “Did God really say?”

The Word Himself responded and planted Himself into our hearts. He has the final word on the matter and the curse is broken.

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There’s nothing instant about intimacy.  It is a gradual process between two people whereby each discovers that the other is a safe place in which to share their depths.  This is achieved through conversation mostly—lots of it!


Each one “opens” a bit more to the other, as the exchanges continue.  Sometimes we are taken by surprise as we realize one day that we have become quite attached.  How did that happen? We wonder.


It happened one conversation, one look, one encounter at a time.  Slowly the opening continued until one day we find ourselves quite open to the other.


This is also the beginning stages of falling in love—this is how it happens.


We were created to be in love.


It’s as natural as breathing.


Just look at a baby.  They are open, engaging, making full eye contact with those around them, seeking to love and be loved.  They have to learn to withdraw, to pull back, to discover that not everyone is a safe place for them to share their deepest selves.


Perhaps this is what Jesus meant when he said, “You must become as a little child to enter the Kingdom.” He wants to restore our ability to trust, to open wide to his love—which enables us to stay open to others.  We love because he first loved us.


We were created to be in love.


God is love, were created in his image.


We were created in the image of Love.


We were created to give and receive love.  This is the very purpose of our being.  It is the essence of life, there is no greater truth, no greater reality.


We were created to be captured by God’s love—apprehended by it—stopped dead in our tracks, and subdued by it.  His love is fierce, tangible.  Our greatest bliss is to be swept off our feet by his over-whelming love.  This is why it resonates so deeply within us when we witness or experience this passionate, knock—everything off—the—table—as—it—becomes—the—landing—place—for—passionate—intimacy—that—can’t—wait—a—minute—longer—to—explode—into—being…


We were created for that.


This was not something Hollywood dreamed up to increase ratings (which it does, because they tapped into a core reality).


God is the originator of passion.  May we gain wisdom and understanding of the character and intentions of God—that we may perceive that the greatest human love is still a mere shadow


to our One True Love…

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Music- a vehicle on which my spirit rides,



Clarity, inspiration,

hearing the voice of God.


By-passing the intellect,

it is felt,


Flowing in rhythm.


Music.  It is one of the only things that make sense in this overly cerebral world.  It enables us to experience the sublime subtleties of a spirit set free.


Music is physical; our bodies sway in concert with the flow our spirits are dictating.  Lyrics give voice to the insecurities, fears, tragedies, triumphs, loves, and passions of our existence.  Well-chosen words can set us free, making us feel a part of the bigger picture of the human experience.  The notes and rhythm, speak the language our spirits understand even when there are no words.


Music transcends culture and language, neither is necessary to be moved by the power of it.  Perhaps this is why worship is so profound a part of the Christian experience, why we will be compelled to spend eternity worshipping God, as this is a medium in which spirits can connect, dancing together, joined in embrace, transcending mere human understanding.


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My life is taking a turn. It’s unstable. I am holding onto God through it; I just don’t know where it’s going.  Everything is shifting beneath me.  There is much that is illusory in my foundation.


False bottoms slide out from under me.  I cling to him, realizing for the first time that I hadn’t already been doing so.


“Circumstances” he tells me.  “These are what you’ve rested your feet on, propping them up like you were easing into a lounge chair—as if they would remain forever unchanged. But that is not the nature of circumstance.”


He continues, “Your one true foundation for security is found only in an unchanging source.”  I then remembered something else he once said, “I am the same, yesterday, today, and forever.”



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Our conditional, limited human love brings a measure of healing wherever we express it.   But the love of God brings healing to any and every wound ever inflicted.


This perfect love is the foundation upon which we can rest.  It is never-ending, all-consuming and lavishly given without restraint.  We have only to open ourselves to God to receive this love.


When we close our hearts, refusing to receive it, we remain in our pain—frozen, overwhelmed and incapacitated by it.  We think that by closing, we are insulating ourselves from pain. In fact, we are only closing the door and locking it inside with us. It now torments us from the inside, as we are isolated from our only freedom from it—God’s love.


The escape from this torture is found in doing the very thing that feels so threatening—opening our hearts to God—risking, tentatively venturing outside into the unknown, taking a chance that maybe God can be trusted and is a safe place after all.  At first the process of opening is painful, but it is soon realized that this pain is not nearly like that of remaining closed.  As we open, we are allowing the love of God to penetrate and heal us of the pain inflicted by hatred and by our own closing.  Slowly, the pain of being open is replaced by love, and the desire to remain in this love motivates us to not want to close which would only return us to the pain.


I feel like a young child, taking my first cautious steps outside after being locked up my entire life.  Things feel new, uncertain and a little frightening, but I can feel God’s hand around mine, leading me, protecting me, loving me.  He promises me great adventures await me as I venture out into my destiny.  As more of his love fills me, it displaces the pain, fear and self-loathing that were once my constant companions.

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We weren’t created for death.  It was never intended that we experience that kind of loss of relationship, therefore we are not equipped to deal with the violence it does to us emotionally, physically and spiritually when a loved one dies.


When sin caused death and the resulting eternal separation from God, of his beloved children, it must have caused him a level of grief so great and profound the enormity of which humanity cannot grasp.   We were created to spend the rest of eternity with him, so God’s great love for us could not bear to allow this separation to be the final word on our fate.  No wonder he shook the gates of hell, demanding restoration of our lost relationship with him.


God himself stepped into the chasm that separated us from him, filling and sealing it, building a bridge back to us that can never be destroyed.  As we open our hearts to him, he takes us into his embrace.  Pulling us close to himself, he inhabits our very bodies, protecting us from the one who would seek to snatch us from his grasp.  There he stays, guarding, protecting, comforting, guiding, joined to us in an everlasting embrace.  He keeps watch over us.  He is always right there with us.  We can lean our full weight on him and let go of all of our need to be in control of our lives.  He whispers words of comfort, wooing us to relax in his embrace.

There is no need for us to protect ourselves.  His faithfulness is constant, sure and unending.  His perfect love casts out the fear and removes the doubts that consistently torment us. His gentleness confounds us; His fierce devotion astounds us and his mercy continually washes us, soothing the fire of wounds inflicted by sin.


He stands with us as a sentinel over us, seeing us through his eyes of love so devoted to us that we cannot even shake ourselves loose from his grasp.  He beckons us to receive the fullness of that love, not to turn from him in fear, but to open deeply, abandoning ourselves to the One who alone, satisfies our greatest longing.





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I’m trying to understand why I am having a hard time living my life, not just existing and moving through it, but passionately engaged in the process of allowing life to flow through me to others.


I seem to be stuck trying to keep all of this “life” to myself, reluctant to open to allow it out into the world to spill all over others who will benefit by my having allowed God to wash them with the unique fragrance that I alone can give to the life flowing out of me.


He says that if I seek to gain my life I will lose it, but if I lose it for His sake, I will gain it.  So I grapple with the desire to do this, but the doing of it eludes me, while I do the very thing I do not wish to do.  I cry out to God, “Who will deliver me from this body of death?”


It is an interesting thing that as I seek to hang on to what I consider my life, that is keeping it all hidden safely inside where no one can hurt me, I feel a sense of death working in me,  dulling my senses to the true beauty seen only by one who is truly living.


There is also something in the book that speaks to my being a sweet aroma to the Lord.  My scent is original and unduplicated.  He’s showing me that this scent is mingled with his and produces a perfume so rare and compelling that those around me are nourished by him as I allow the scent to be released.


The woman at Jesus’ feet poured out a natural fragrance on him, but the aroma of that one vulnerable act, mixing with Jesus’ response of love to her, drifts down through the ages awakening our own senses to the reality that his love is for us as well.


His desire is to write the story of our own lives being poured out as a sweet fragrance for him; stories that will resound throughout eternity of the unique beauty of our individual lives joined to his, creating aromas emitting from a single bouquet—


His beloved Bride.




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